Comanche Technologies is a globally recognized leader in the research & development of molten metal filtration and degating technologies.  Whether the casting is a single crystal turbine blade, a bulldozer transmission housing, or a super-alloy medical implant, our products allow foundries and metalcasting producers to achieve the highest levels of quality while simultaneously reducing their cycle time, energy use and total manufacturing cost.

investment casting

Having pioneered the very first high temperature silica mesh filter technology in 1989, we set the industry standard for quality and performance that remains unchallenged to this day.  Our investment casting filter cups have faster throughput rates and capture more inclusions than any other comparable filter cup.  Find out why the most demanding investment casting foundries use our filters.


Should you expect more out of a filter than just capturing slag and inclusions?  Absolutely.  In fact, why not demand it?  Our Flexsil and CerraFlex filter technologies provide consistent filtration performance while simultaneously acting as riser knock-off and de-gating aids, drastically reducing cycle time and finishing room costs.  Learn how we can help maximize your filter ROI today!   


For large and or complex non-ferrous castings, many leading NF foundries rely on the high strength of CerraFlex filter material to deliver dependably consistent filtration of slag & dross in applications with extended pouring times or heavier flow rates.  But the most popular use of Flexsil and CerraFlex is for de-gating and riser knock-off, particularly in cases where riser contact areas are more than 4" in diameter.