Reason 1 - No other molten metal filters can do what ours do... full stop.  Our proprietary & unique filter technologies are high performance, multi-functional solutions that deliver where others cannot.  Need to knock-off a Manganese steel riser with a contact area diameter of 8 inches?  No problem.  Struggling with small particle inclusions in an investment casting that are getting past your current filter, but switching to a finer PPI would slow down your throughput too much?  We can help.

Reason 2 - Our business is removing inclusions from castings...NOT in selling as many "widgets" as possible.  If your casting application issue won't be solved by using our filters, we'll let you know up front with tact and sincerity.  That's why we work directly with each foundry customer to run in-house filter testing to make sure their performance expectations are met before placing their first order with us.

Reason 3 - Metallurgy... We know what it looks like when filters are working as they should.  Our customers know they can rely on us for casting defect analysis & technical advice that goes beyond our own products to include new ideas and testing concepts.  Our primary focus is ensuring our filters meet your performance expectations.

Reason 4 - USA... Our CerraFlex filter products are manufactured in exclusive partnership with AMETEK Foundry Products proudly in the United States, by hardworking Americans, who are paid a good living wage with benefits, who in turn pay the federal, state and local taxes that "keep the lights on" in this country of ours.  And it's a safe bet that no matter what specific type of metal casting your foundry produces, if it ends up here in the US, some of our folks here will buy, use or otherwise be impacted by it.  Which of course means we're your customers as well!